Letters of Support

Thank-you to each of the following organizations for expressing their committment and support to the ecological value of Maltby Lake.

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Sierra Club of BC Foundation – Letter of support addressed to Justice Fitzpatrick, February 2015

“We at Sierra Club BC feel that Maltby Lake’s pristine lake water and biodiversity are astounding considering its proximity to local metropolitan development. This compounds its conservation value exponentially as development increases in the area. The presence of freshwater jellyfish, freshwater sponges, 600+ year old Douglas Fir trees, protected Yew trees, beavers, many orchid species, camas meadows and protected Garry Oak Ecosystems make the property virtually impossible to further develop without contaminating the riparian areas or protected plant species.”


Peninsula Streams letter – April 9 2014

“Numerous studies indicate that the water quality is as pure as it can get and the presence of sponges and jellyfish indicate that they have survived in this habitat since it was separated from marine contact several thousand years ago.  Migratory and resident waterfowl are constantly using the lake and several mammal species are known to be present as well. “


 Habitat Aquisition Trust – April 2014

“As written in our letter dated December 2013 to the Court Monitor assigned to the TLC’s case, the Maltby Lake property is comprised of a matrix of ecologically valuable and rare natural habitat, including sensitive wetland and riparian areas in addition to the Dry Coastal Douglas Fir & Garry Oak associated ecosystems; both endangered and severely fragmented in our region.  “In fact, the Maltby Lake property is possibly the only relatively intact freshwater riparian zone in Saanich and contributes to a significant wildlife corridor in the region…We believe that the irreplaceable natural values of this property should be protected in perpetuity, as it was originally intended to be.   We fully support this objective, and HAT has agreed to support this endeavor in any way that we are able to. “


Prospect Lake District Community Association – January 2014

“The stewardship of the land and lake demonstrated by Woody and Carmel Thomson has been both a great service and an inspiration to our community.  The PLDCA trusts that Woody and Carmel will do everything within their power to ensure that their holdings of the Maltby Lake property will be preserved undeveloped and available for future generations in perpetuity.” 


Friends of Tod Creek Watershed Society – October 2013

“The Friends of Tod Creek would like to express their strong support for the expression of interest submitted to you by Woody Thomson.  The Maltby Lake property is an integral part of our watershed.  As one of the headwaters of the Tod Creek system, its pristine state adds considerably to the health of the entire watershed.”