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Maltby Lake is at the headwaters of the Tod Creek Watershed.  The 21-acre near pristine water body is surrounded by 172 acres of relatively undisturbed forest and wetland. The property is an example of unspoiled lake and land ecosystems.

The Friends of Maltby Lake Watershed Society is a registered BC non-profit society and Canadian Registered Charity established by BC environmental activists to:

  • conserve the riparian, Garry Oak and coastal Douglas Fir ecosystems, the sensitive flora and fauna therein and the watershed ecosystems draining into and from, Maltby Lake;
  • educate the public and relevant stakeholders to the importance of this delicate ecological and cultural landscape; and,
  • create wildlife corridors, generate habitat for native species, and to reduce pollution on Vancouver Island for the benefit and enjoyment of the public.

For more information see Why Protect Maltby Lake?

As a registered charity we gratefully accept donations from the public. It is only thanks to our donors that we can do important work to help protect the relatively undisturbed Maltby Lake watershed. Donate Now

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Your symbolic adoption helps the Friends of Maltby Lake Watershed Society protect habitat required by threatened and endangered species.



“Paradise worth saving. We can’t make more!”
“Once these wild area’s are gone, they are gone forever!!”
“…Maltby Lake (and surrounding property) is a natural area that must be
“The Tod Creek Watershed and its rehabilitation is an important dream that many people and groups have been working on for decades. Maltby Lake is an important part of that rehabilitation. Don’t let this jewel disappear by allowing it to be sold in the marketplace.”
“The property was/is meant to be protected from development. This can be done, and should be done, for the future, the children and children’s children.”
“Let’s work together to protect the last wild places, Maltby Lake is a sanctuary for animals and plants and humans.”
“…We have a responsibility to look after Nature not destroy it.”
– FMLWS Supporters