• Maltby Lake and its surrounding watershed are unusually well preserved and contain many rare, particularly old, and endangered ecosystems, plant and animal species, including one of the largest (600 + year old) Douglas fir trees in the Capital Regional District. Maltby Lake is currently on the front line of human-nature conflict.
  • Maltby Lake is at the headwaters of the 23 square kilometre Tod Creek Watershed, which includes five other lakes, 29 wetlands, and dozens of creeks and streams as it winds its way to the Saanich Inlet. Maltby Lake is surrounded by 172 acres of relatively undisturbed forest and wetlands and supports at risk aquatic plant and animal species including freshwater sponge and jellyfish.
  • Maltby Lake is located in the imperilled Coastal Douglas fir zone where more than 90% of the land is privately owned and every ecosystem is at risk. Less than 5% of the sensitive ecosystems in this zone are currently protected, making conservation an important public/private responsibility.
  • Maltby Lake contains sensitive Douglas Fir, Garry Oak, Pacific Yew and Arbutus woodland and clusters of by-law protected trees. Most are considered by the province to be endangered or threatened and among the highest priority ecosystems for conservation.
  • Maltby Lake has high ecological values taken as a whole. Its importance is accentuated by its rarity so close to urban development. Over 75% of the Maltby Lake Watershed within the property is wetland and freshwater riparian areas – possibly the only relatively intact freshwater riparian zone in the District of Saanich.

Maltby Lake - At the headwaters of the Tod Creek Watershed

ENAC Maltby Lake - ESA Mapping Project

ENAC Maltby Lake - 600 yr old Doug FirENAC Maltby Lake - RW LangfordENAC Maltby Lake ATaylor HATENAC Maltby Lake - Freshwater Source