Auction Items – November 8, 2014 Event

A huge thanks to everyone who came out on November 8, 2014, in support of Maltby Lake.  We expecially want to thank all of the artists and individuals whose generous donations made the evening such a success!

November 8, 2014 Auction Information:

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“Otters”  original painting

Lissa Calvert

value $2,000.
Framed, acrylic on canvas; frame dimensions 36” wide, 19” high

Donated by the artist.

Lissa Calvert Otteres f

Thousands of Lissa Calvert’s images grace homes in Canada and the U.S. in the form of original paintings, posters, art cards, and limited edition prints. Her original works are in corporate and private collections at home and internationally. Lissa Calvert has donated many paintings to environmental causes. She currently lives and works in Sooke B.C. on a small river estuary, rich with inspiration, and close to the forest and ocean that sustain the heart of her work. “Most of my landscapes are imaginary, and all the paintings start with a pencil sketch. If the painting is based on reality, with an animal in the composition, I use a variety of reference material for detail – photo libraries, my own reference photos, skulls, field sketches.”

Information source: Lissa Calvert’s  web site:


 “Saltspring Summer”

Natasha Perks

 Value $550 – $600.

8” X 9.5”, framed. (Frame measures 14” X 16.5”).

Painting donated by The Gallery on Oak Bay Avenue, in concurrence with the artist.

Natasha Perks - Saltspring Summer

 Natasha Perks was born in 1965 in Hagen, Germany. Her father was an opera singer and her mother was a concert pianist. Natasha’s creative talent was evident from the age of 5. In 1973, Natasha & her family moved to Canada where she was introduced to a variety of art forms that would shape her future.

Although mainly self-taught, Natasha studied art with Catherine Moffat in 1984. Her earlier work was pen and ink with watercolour washes. Natasha currently works primarily in acrylics. Her goal is to capture scenes that appeal to her in a way that conveys the emotions she experiences. Hiking is an important part of her life. “I need to feel what I paint. I love the emotions of nature, it is an unending source of energy for painting.”

With the birth of her 2 sons, Natasha took a break from painting to devote herself full time to motherhood. Her sons were very interested in accompanying her on hikes and as they have grown older, Natasha has returned to painting.

Above information sourced from Peninsula Gallery, Sidney’s website at


Slick – 1800’s

Slick 1800s -1


“Winter Marsh”

Kathryn Kaye 

Kathryn Kaye Winter Marsh Scene


Slick – 1830’s

Slick 1830s



JI Spilsbury

Jl Spilsbury Forsythia - watercolour



Jeanne Venton

Jeanne Venton Apaloosa Horse - oil


“Yellow Roses”

J. Comely

J  Comley Yellow Roses - oil


“Circular Balance”

Darcy Gould

Valued at $750.00

DarcyGould - CircularBalance site

Darcy Gould is an unassuming, internationally renowned sculptor who has exhibited in major galleries throughout Canada. In a desire to level the distinction between fine and applied arts and creativity in manufacturing, Darcy has turned his attention to new media he calls Industrial Modern Metal Sculpture. We are delighted to offer for auction Circular Balance. The polished bronze, stainless steel and brass artwork stands approximately 15 inches (39 cm) tall and is mounted on black granite. Valued at $750. Thank you for your generous contribution Darcy Gould!

To learn more about Darcy Gould or to view a collection of his fine work visit:

Read the article on Darcy Gould at:



JI. Spilsbury 

J  Comley Gladioli - oil


Fiddleback maple (reclaimed wood) doll’s cradle

  Donated by Peter Strack

Fiddleback Maple Crib


“Marabou Stork, II”,

Alistair Bell

Value $650.00

#2 out of 15, signed “” 7.5 inches X 5 inches, colour etching. 

Print donated by Gunther Heinrich, Winchester Galleries, Oak Bay, Victoria, BC

Alistair Bell Marabou Stork II-crop (2)


 Alistair Macready Bell, graphic artist (born in Darlington, England, 21 Oct 1913; died in Vancouver, BC, 12 Oct 1997). Recognized as one of Canada’s finest print-making artists of the 20th century, Bell immigrated to Vancouver in 1929 and enrolled in the Vancouver School of Art in 1935, where he had access to an artist’s press.

Bell worked as a draftsman in a structural steel plant until 1967, when he turned his attention to being a full-time artist. He soon established himself for his talent in the graphic media including dry point, etching, lithography, wood engraving and woodcutting. By his own admission, Bell was always drawn to subject matter in which the linear, rhythmic quality of shape predominated. His depictions of boats, birds and animals are charged, expressionist renderings at once recognizable as quintessential “Bell” interpretations.

The artist travelled to the world’s famous zoos sketching the exotic birds and animals that became the subjects for many of the more than 250 prints he created over a 60-year period. He exhibited in Europe, Latin America, Canada and the US, and his works are in the Victoria and Albert Museum in England, the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the NATIONAL GALLERY in Ottawa. Major exhibitions of his work were organized by the Burnaby Art Gallery in 1971 and at the ART GALLERY OF GREATER VICTORIA in 1981. His entire print oeuvre is in the permanent collection of the latter institution.


Source of article:



Broadaxe - 2


Ceramic Plant Pot

Donated by Szolyd Corp.

Szolyd Corp  Planter value 250 H15 5in  Diam13in